When builders choose Heirloom Kitchens they choose the hassle-free option.  Heirloom schedule kitchen delivery carefully so the job runs smoothly. Here are five great reasons why Heirloom Kitchens are the preferred choice for builders.

  1. Heirloom work with the home-owner to help them choose their while the builder gets on with building.
  2. The Heirloom designers worry about scheduling changes so you don’t have to.
  3. Accuracy in the manufacture process means Heirloom Kitchens fit the space snuggly and installation challenges are kept to a minimum. 
  4. The company offers laundry and other custom joinery options so you only need one specialist joiner. 
  5. All our products are well manufactured to specification, and delivered on time.  Our happy customers are your happy customers.

Heirloom Kitchens work with builders throughout New Zealand.  Call us today on (number) to become an Heirloom building partner now. And, if you are a specialist kitchen installer ask about becoming an Heirloom approved installer now.